Sacred Currents INC presents the Sydney Sacred Music Festival

The Festival showcases music, ceremony and art that aims to bring us closer to something real, something inside.

The Festival provides opportunities for the fantastic artists and traditions of our diverse communities and hopes to build its own community of open minded people who are interested in something larger than themselves.

This year, ‘Sacred Currents’ has been established as a non for profit organisation to guide the Festival into the future. We have assembled some really talented and generous people to be on the Board to guide us.

The Festival was established by our Festival Director, Richard Petkovic (Cultural Arts Collective) in 2011. The Cultural Arts Collective continues to collaborate with artists and communities across artforms to create unique cultural content that provides a way forward for our diverse community.

sacred currents inc Mission

Sacred Currents Inc is an initiative of Richard Petkovic and aims to produce arts and cultural projects that facilitate a shared experience that transcends difference and creates community.

This will be achieved by:

1.       Managing the Sydney Sacred Music Festival to showcase diverse devotional music, art and ceremony

2.       Create art (music, theatre, visual etc) that facilitates understanding of cultural and/or spiritual diversity in Australia

3.       Facilitate arts projects that use collaborative and inclusive cultural development processes to empower its participants

Sacred Currents Board

Our Board is made up of several talented members that help guide our Festival to create social and cultural change.

Gillian King, Chairperson - best known for her work with Environmetrics Pty Ltd, a market research consultancy providing specialist advice to business and government. 

Milan Milosevic, CFA - Treasurer - is a Partner at Ernst & Young, a global professional services firm, in the area of Transaction Advisory Services.

Stephen Mifsud, Secretary - is an educator, business owner and provides advice on IT, multimedia and business protocols.

John Hibbard Snr - is a passionate music and arts education creative and communicator at Australian Music Education Pty Ltd.

Andrew Overton - is a Director at Overton Creative Consulting which is a multidisciplinary consultancy that specialises in the management and delivery of Cultural Policy, Cultural Facilities Development, Public Art Management, and Arts & Cultural Projects. 

Fikri Thalib - is an accountant and a business owner. Fikri provides business advice and specialises in accounting.

Arjunan Puveendran - is a lawyer (Senior Associate at Thomson Geer) experienced in a diverse range of corporate advisory and transactional matters with a unique focus on the leisure, hospitality and clubs industry.