A celebration of the sacred in culture through music and dialogue"

I I really like your story sydney sacred music festival

Sunday 17 September 2pm Sydney Olymppic Park

I really like the Story

Celebrated musicians of diverse interest and background come together to engage in an afternoon demonstration of the sacred in music. The artists enact how the artform conveys the truly humanistic essence of what binds us through musical and dialogical interaction.

As part of the performance the artists will discuss their insights, feelings and experience of the ‘sacred’ in the pursuit of music, friendship and human interaction as the basis of culture.

Featuring the best of the Sydney Jazz scene and more: Steve Elphick, James Greening, Sandy Evans, Andrew Dickeson, Bobby Singh, Judy Bailey, and Ellen Kirkwood.


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Sandy Evans
Has achieved recognition from her peers, audiences and organisations for her relentless pursuit of the development of her art, young musicians, composition and realising cultural exchanges in music that create new horizons and open the way for others to courageously express themselves. 

Judy Bailey
Has reached legendary status as a leader, soloist, composer and role model for those who will not compromise on the depth of quality in their art. Award winning trumpeter, band leader and composer

Ellen Kirkwood
Adds her unique voice to this outstanding ensemble of talent. The recent premiere of Ellen’s major work (A)part was a high point in the Sydney music scene this year. 

Bobby Singh
Brings joy to music of a diverse range of genres. His engaging and caring personality are reflected in his musical interactions which cross borders and boundaries with ease and beauty. His dynamic and masterful tabla playing even by itself carry audiences beyond any limits.

James Greening
Inclusion in the majority of significant music projects across most genre's is evidence of what he brings beyond his obvious ability. His own ensembles' body of work and touring reveal his compositional talent and convey aspects of his outrageous and infectious personality that delight those fortunate enough to experience its intimate and generous energy. 

Andrew Dickeson
Is a drummer, educator and band leader with a wealth of experience and an uncompromising spirit to bring depth and quality to every performance. His years of performance with many of the worlds finest musicians are always underpinning his improvisational skills. 

Steve Elphick
Is one of the most in demand bassists amongst the elite musicians and composers in Australia. His warmth and sincerity pour out from his instrument fully revealing his deep connection to music and to his friends and fellow musicians.

bobby singh sydney sacred music festival