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Ashfield Town Hall

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friday 13 - Sunday 15 September

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Ashfield Town hall & SURROUNDS


EDGE Inner West Hub

Sydney Sacred Music Festival and Inner West Council’s Edge Festival partner to present 3 days of music, dance and workshops.

EDGE Inner West is a multifaceted arts program that shines a spotlight on creative communities in each ward throughout the year. Council is working collaboratively with the creative sector to develop initiatives, curate programs and produce lasting benefits for communities and artists of the inner west.

Inner West Council is proud to support and host the Sydney Sacred Music Festival as a key partner of Ashfield EDGE. Ashfield will be transformed by storytelling, performances, art installations and workshops.


In partnership with Inner West Council

The concerts at Ashfield Town Hall

Friday 13 Sept, 7pm -   Moon Festival - Contemporary Asian music - New Work

Saturday 14 Sept, 3pm - In Movement - New work and dance spectacular

Sunday 9 Sept, 3pm -   Universal Rhythms - New work continuous cultural fusion

SSMF HUB DAY 2—IN MOVEMENT Dance Workshops -

Ashfield Town Hall

Saturday 14 September

12pm - Balkan Dance Workshop
An all inclusive workshop on Balkan folk dance. Be a part of this interactive activity and maybe even participate in the dance spectacular!

Workshop facilitator: Yorgo Kaporis (Dusha Balkana) 

1pm - Uyghur Dance Workshop
Come learn the exotic dance moves from the Silk Road. For all ages and walks of life.

Workshop facilitator: Klara Razak (Uyghur Dance)

2pm - Tao Dance Workshop
Join The study of Tao Dance (Love Peace Harmony Foundation) improvised to calligraphy 

Workshop facilitator: Master Mirva Inkeri (Love Peace Harmony Foundation)

Sunday 15 September Rhythm Workshops

12pm - Women’s Groove with Perla Aura

Interested in finding your inner rhythm? Want to try vocal meditation? Perla Aura has been living and breathing African drumming for the past 20 years. An advanced practitioner of sacred sound, her workshops help participants find a path to wellness through rhythm and song. 

Workshop facilitator: Perla Aura

1pm - South Asian Rhythms with Abhijit Dan

Learn the basics of Carnatic South Indian music. Make the rhythms with your hands and with your voice. No experience necessary—this workshop is dynamic and fun for everyone.

Workshop facilitator: Abhijit Dan

2pm - Rhythm Workshop with David Jones

Weaving Rhythmic Spells…

Explore rhythms that are dramatic, humorous, surprising and powerful.

You may use sticks, brushes, mallets, fingers, elbows, violin bow, dish-mops, toys, brooms and more, to create a universe of sounds, textures and rhythms that promise to take you through different cultures, ages, moods and styles.

Learn how to draw from all aspects of life and spirituality to create your own powerfully individual, articulate and imaginative style. Become totally relaxed in attitude of mind and body and experience a joyful spirit of play and emotional intensity.

Workshop facilitator: David Jones