Makindu Sydney Sacred Music Festival

Saturday 16 September 2pm erskineville Village Anglican Church


Tabla player Randeep Bilkhu and clarinet player Tim Wall first met in Sydney  4 years ago. Since then, their journeys together have led them across religions and cultures, to India, Europe and the UK. Their music is the sound of these journeys - their coming together, understanding each other, and moving forward towards a common spiritual goal. They now return to Sydney as Makindu and present their debut self-titled album.

Recorded in London in 2016, the album draws on Sikh sacred music, collaborations with different traditions and an overall process of exploration, reflection, and celebration. It features sublime contributions from Nepali vocalist Shreya Rai, harpist Alice Phelps, and bassist Robyn Hemmings. Makindu invite you to this special event to hear the stories behind their music and celebrate with them.





Makindu is a musical project orbiting around tabla player Randeep Bilkhu and clarinet player Tim Wall. Involving collaborations with friends and musicians across the globe, their music attempts to draw on deep musical and spiritual roots, transcend boundaries and find common ground.

Born in London to a Sikh family, Randeep spent her childhood immersed in Sikh devotional music, learning harmonium, singing, sitar and eventually tabla from her father Hardev. In her teens she began playing with jazz, hip hop and classical musicians, while her experiences at the Parliament of World Religions in Barcelona planted an inspiration to learn the ancient rhythms of the jori.
Tim grew up in Sydney in a Christian family, and began his musical journey with the clarinet in the school band. Drawn towards jazz and improvisation, the clarinet became an indispensable tool when he began travelling as a street musician. A year spent in Turkey and the Balkans saw him absorb the spirit of folk traditions and eastern clarinet techniques, and be blown away by the other-worldly clarinet music of Epirus in Albania and Greece.

For the Sydney launch of their album, Randeep and Tim will be joined by Sydney-based friends both old and new as they re-create the special vibes of their recording sessions in London a year ago.

The name "Makindu" is taken from a village in Kenya which holds special significance to the community of East Africa. It is said that here, under a tree, Sikh, Hindu and Muslim railway workers would gather to sing in worship together. This place is now the site of a Gurudwara (Sikh temple) that provides rest, food and sanctuary to weary travellers on the main Nairobi to Mombasa Road. 

"We hope that our music can channel this spirit of inclusion to inspire and nurture listeners everywhere."