a conversation with two elders

Our Land Our Journey Sydney sacred music festival

Saturday 9 September 5pm Mosman Art Gallery

Our Land OUr Journey

A conversation on the connection to land and the life journey of ex Tibetan Monk, Lobsang Norbu, who spent 25 years in a Chinese prison and initiated Yuin elder, Uncle Max ‘Dulamunmun’ Harrison.

Chaired by our Festival Director Richard Petkovic, this conversation will explore their spiritual connection and traditions connected to the land and the life lessons gained from their journey.

This event is initiated by the Festival in partnership with the Australia Tibet Council and Mosman Art Gallery.


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Uncle Max ‘Dulamunmun’ Harrison
An initiated Yuin man,  he has undertaken teachings passed down to him by 5 masters of Aboriginal Lore. Uncle Max is a respected elder and has been on the National Board of Elders, released books on Aboriginal Culture, including ‘My Peoples Dreaming’, given knowledge and is a recognised teacher at the University of Wollongong.

Uncle Max still actively runs Aboriginal cultural tours with his family.

Lobsang Norbu
Lobsang Norbu, 82, joined the demonstrations in Lhasa Tibet on 10 March 1959. He was a 25-year-old monk at Sera Monastery. He spent the next 25 years in prison for refusing to accept Chinese rule in Tibet.

Now a resident of Sydney, Lobsang Norbu, works with the Australia Tibet Council on their Our Tibet Story project that highlights the personal struggle of Tibetans and enables them to share their story in their own words.

A Life Lesson by Uncle Max Harrison