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Photo Gambirra Illume (Gerrie Mifsud)

The Gathering Ceremony at Marrong

Friday 2 September, 2pm - (PROSPECT HILL) PEMULWUY

William Barton

William Barton

Held on Aboriginal land, Marrong, is the land of the Darug people, the highest land mass in the Sydney Basin, the place where the warrior, Pemulwuy, observed the coming devastation of their land and led the resistance against the burgeoning colony. A place of ceremony for thousands of years, is again a place of Ceremony.

Featuring internationally acclaimed artist, William Barton, The Gathering Ceremony will bring together the local Aboriginal community to relaunch Marrong as a significant place of culture for Aboriginal people. A place of spirit, a place of the Crow (Pemulwuy’s totem).

Come and see Sydney in a 360 degree panoramic view and be part of  The Gathering Ceremony.

In partnership with Cumberland Council’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Consultative committee 

Marrong Reserve - Daruga Avenue between Dullai Avenue and Tuabilli Street, Pemulwuy 2145
Access to Prospect Hill is Via Butu Wargun Drive, Pemulwuy

The event is FREE with limited capacity and access to the Prospect Hill involves a steep terrain. Wear appropriate shoes. To book your place RSVP to 9840-9908

Worlds Collide Concert and Art Installations 

Saturday 3 September 7 pm- ROOF wentworth st Carpark Parramatta

Worlds Collide Ensemble

Worlds Collide Ensemble


The Sydney Sacred Music Festival and Riverside Parramatta present ‘Worlds Collide’, a live multimedia performance of contemporary world and electronic dance music eight storeys high on Wentworth Street Carpark roof in the Parramatta’s CBD.

The roof top will be transformed into an artistic wonderland, featuring art installations by Khaled Sabsabi, Marian Abboud and Ghasan Saaid, interactive dance workshops and the world premiere of the Arts NSW funded, Worlds Collide ensemble.

‘Worlds Collide’ brings together the best world musicians in Sydney and fuses and features the acoustic world fusion of the Shohrat Tursun Trio, the South Asian Underground beats of Coco Varma’s 'Sitar Funk', Latin music legend Victor Valdes; searing vocals of Blue Mary’s Maria Mitar and the hip hop rhymes of Mt Druitt’s Esky the Emcee, all under the direction of music producer and composer Richard Petkovic (Cultural Arts Collective).

‘Worlds Collide’ will invite the audience to move their bodies, from meditative drones and sacred African chants to full on dance beats with soaring vocals and hip hop rhymes, this performance is designed to take the listener on a journey into the NEW SOUND of multicultural Australia.

Wentworth St Carpark, Level 8, 2-10 Wentworth Street, Parramatta

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Worlds Collide video Art Installations

Worlds Collide will feature for one night only, three of  Australia's  leading contemporary artists that not only create work with community but are part of their communities. From sacred sounds, to ancient rituals in the suburbs to the sacred urban spaces, Marian Abboud, Ghasan Saaid and Khaled Sabsabi are honouring their personal journey, their contemporary culture and their meaning of life!

Fifth Corner -Ghasan Saaid

Fifth Corner -Ghasan Saaid

The Secret Handshake - Marian Abboud

The Secret Handshake - Marian Abboud

Abdul Baset Abdus Samad - Khaled Sabsabi

Abdul Baset Abdus Samad - Khaled Sabsabi

Sacred Roots Concert

Saturday 3 September 7pm - Mosman Art Gallery

One Space events is proud to present as part of the Sydney Sacred Music Festival "Sacred Roots". Sacred Roots is Carmella Baynie, Yantra de Vilder, Amir Paiss and Avishai Barnatan.
Their music is inspired by the sounds and songs of traditional cultures reinvisioned in a contemporary style. By weaving the sacred musical elements of ancient people and places from the far corners of our earth, including Sanskrit, Latin, Aramaic and Hebrew influences, we aim to inspire and uplift audiences to a place of deep listening and immersion.
Come on a journey with them as they unite voices and cultures as one.

Yantra de Vilder - is a composer, performer and multi-instrumentalist in dance, theatre, film and TV. She has broad experience working with musicians across diverse ethnographies; fusing traditional instrumentation and unique community voice with contemporary instrumentation, new music technologies and soundscapes sampled from community or place. She has worked for the BBC as a composer and music consultant for the last 15 years on projects in London, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Burma.

The collaboration between Carmella and Yantra is a special meeting of two kindred souls who are devoted to the exploration of sacred music. Their unique concerts are an opportunity to be immersed in music from ancient lineages including Latin, Gregorian, Sanskrit and Aramaic. Carmella Baynie, award winning vocalist and composer, caught a generation’s attention with her first hit single Sweet Silence which charted in Australia, South East Asia and Japan during the mid 1990’s. Throughout Carmella’s accomplished career, she has opened for the likes of Eartha Kitt, Daryl Braithwaite, Jenny Morris, Paul Capsis, and has composed for top 10 artists from China, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Carmella is now one of Australia’s most popular and sought after sacred singers, travelling the world performing and facilitating vocal workshops throughout New Zealand, India, Asia and the USA.

Amir Paiss and Avishai Barnatan are both Multi-Instrumentalists, sound explorers, producers and founding members of world music Hebrew-Arab International group SHEVA, which has performed in many festivals and venues around the world. They have been working together for 20 years, performing and producing Sacred Music, bringing the Spirit of Peace, Unity and reconciliation as their essential message. 



Sacred Films at Riverside 

Saturday 3 September 5pm & 7pm - Riverside Theatres Parramatta

From the successful Hollywood director Tom Shadyac (Bruce Almighty, The Nutty Professor and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective) comes this powerful and inspirational documentary exploring the questions What is wrong with our world? and What can we do about it?

With a film crew of four, Tom visits some of today’s great minds, including Howard Zinn, Lynn McTaggart, Desmond Tutu, Thom Harmann, Coleman Barks, searching for the fundamental endemic problem that causes all of the other problems, while simultaneously reflecting on this own life choices of excess, greed and eventual healing.

“Amazing…” – Ellen Degeneres; “Everyone needs to see this film!” – Bruce Cohen, Academy Award-Winning producer (American Beauty); “Entertaining and enlightening. The I Am Documentary is a spark of light and a work of love.” – Marianne Williamson, New York Times Best Seller;  

Classification: M – Some disturbing images; Distributor: Roadshow PPL




IDA, winner of an Oscar® for Best Foreign Language Film, this visually stunning and deeply poignant film from acclaimed director Pawel Pawlikowski is a must see!

Poland 1962. Anna, a young novitiate nun is on the verge of taking her vows when she discovers a dark family secret, dating back to the years of the Nazi occupation from her only living relative, Wanda. Anna is Jewish. Together, the women go on a journey to discover their tragic family story and identities. As their religious values and ideals are turned upside, both try to continue living, but only one of them can…

Language: Polish, French and Latin with English subtitles; Classification: M – Mature themes; Distributor: Curious Film


Building 20 - A Personal Journey

Saturday 10 September 7pm -  the Armory, Sydney Olympic Park

Violinist Sun Yi

Violinist Sun Yi

The Sydney Sacred Music Festival and Sydney Olympic Park Authority deliver one of the most unique music events ever seen in Sydney. Three world class music performances from diverse cultures and faiths coming together to transform the inner state of the audience at Building 20 (the original Powder Magazine) the Armory. 

Building 20 is a decommissioned ammunition chambers that were built to withstand strong vibrations from the outside. This unique construction now gives us the opportunity to engage and play with the reverberant nature of the three Chambers. Each Chamber produces a unique amazing sound!

Your personal journey will start as you enter this unique building and then your transformation begins with the virtuoso violin playing of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra's Associate Concert Master Sun Yi, before you journey through two other chambers and experiences...

Building 20 - Three Amunition Chambers

Building 20 - Three Amunition Chambers

“If life is largely about how one rises to adversity, then Tony Gorman is a champion of the art.” John Shand

In 1997, Tony Gorman’s life changed dramatically when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. A three time ARIA Award winner, Gorman who previously featured with bands such as Clarion Fracture Zone, MARA!, the Original Otto Orchestra and the Australian Art Orchestra, was suddenly challenged by the most basic motor skills. In a courageous journey back to musical expression he discovered a new ‘voice’ and direction.

Shirin Majd

Shirin Majd

In collaboration with Bobby Singh he has created a stunning vehicle that transcends genre and the physical limitation of MS to provide a feast of improvised sound and rhythm. Scottish born Gorman’s 35 year professional career as a musician, composer and producer has made him one of the most respected artists in Australia. Gorman is thrilled to be performing for the Sydney Sacred Music Festival in the amazing acoustics of the Armory’s Building 20.

In Chamber Three, you saw her on ‘The Voice’ this year, classical Persian Singer, Shirin Majd, will move you with her stunning voice as she delivers a capela, Persian and classical pieces.
Shirin was born in Tehran, Iran and at age 17, she began studying classical singing and joined the choir of Tehran Symphony Orchestra. She performed several concerts as a soloist or with orchestra in prestigious venues such as Vahdat Hall in Tehran. In 2010 she went on to study Opera and music at the Johann-Joseph Fux Konservatorium and at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, Austria.  

You will be moved by the joining of the artistry and the architecture!


Skorba's The Great Siege of Malta- the Cresent & the Cross

Saturday 10 September 7.30pm - Wentworth Falls

Skorba is a band that was formed to compose and perform music about significant historical periods in the history of the Maltese Islands 1565. This is not a story of celebration or victory, it is a compassionate tribute to the value of diverse human life regardless of religious orientation.
Through their music Skorba offer a true indictment of the rulers of the World who continually bring their subjects into a state of conflict with others. The Great Siege of Malta is an insightful story in music and visuals, as relevant today as it was then. This concert is a premier of their 2nd album soon to be released.

It follows the lives of two boys both childhood friends, one of whom was captured by Arab corsairs and sold into slavery to Suleyman the Magnificent, the other who lived on Malta as a peasant farmer and fisherman. They meet again twenty years later on the battlefield that is Malta in 1565. The die in each other’s arms on opposite sides of the conflict during the final battle.

The conflict between Islam and Christianity continues to this day, over 1,000 years from the start of the crusades. It has never ended. The Ottoman Siege of Malta by Skorba reflects the wastefulness and destructiveness of war and the cost to the ordinary people who suffer the greatest consequence of all wars. The story is in the introduction, the music and the lyrics and is also in the visual presentations that support the beautiful sounds of Skorba.

Skorba is: Andy Busuttil: vocals, soprano and alto sax, whistles and percussion; Llew Kiek: bouzouki, gitern, baglama (Turkish lute) and guitar; John Napier: voice and cello; John Robinson: oud, guitar and tambura. 


TICKETS and more INFO 


Sacred Harp Singing - community singing workshop

Sunday 11 September  2.00pm- 6.00pm - Newtown

Sacred Music Festival

Join us for the uplifting experience of singing four-part a capella hymns from the Sacred Harp, a tradition of sacred choral singing that is today recognised as America’s oldest original musical tradition. There will be a one-hour workshop to introduce newcomers to the shape note musical notation we use, which was developed in America at the turn of the 19th century to enable singers with no formal musical literacy to sing complex harmonies in congregations. 

Sacred Harp singing is completely inclusive, participatory, communal and democratic. Singers take turns choosing and leading songs. There is no rehearsal or performance – the act of getting together and singing this beautiful music is the objective. Although it has its origins in Protestant Christianity, Sacred Harp Singing is a non-denominational gathering of singers of all faiths and creeds to celebrate the pure joy of singing. Coming along just to listen is acceptable - but we think you won’t be able to resist joining in! Extra copies of music will be available to borrow on the day.

Venue - Dickson Street Space 35-39 Dickson Street, Newtown; Cost is $5.00 by donation


Haydn's Harmoniemesse - the Choir of Christ Church St Laurence

Sunday 11 September 5pm - Railway Square, Sydney

Each year the inner-city Anglican parish of Christ Church St Laurence offers a Mass with orchestra to celebrate its festival of dedication (the anniversary of the church building’s consecration as a place of worship).

This year the parish Choir, together with the St Laurence Orchestra, soloists and organist Peter Jewkes, all under the direction of Neil McEwan, perform Joseph Haydn’s last major work, the Harmoniemesse.

Please join us for a beautiful service that presents the ceremony, liturgy and music for which the Anglo-Catholic tradition is so well known. All are most welcome

Artists: Choir of Christ Church St Laurence, St Laurence Orchestra, soloists and Peter Jewkes (organist), conducted by Neil McEwan

Address: Christ Church St Laurence, 812 George St, Railway Square, Sydney

Australian Baha’í Choral Festival - Concert Finale

Sunday 11 September 11am- Bahá’í House of Worship, Ingleside

Baha'i Choir

Baha'i Choir

The Australian Bahá’í Choral Festival will culminate in a free concert of a cappella sacred music, sung in the visually and acoustically inspiring sanctuary of the Bahá’í House of Worship in Ingleside. All are welcome to experience a diverse and moving selection of music and readings with texts drawn from the scriptures of the world’s religions. The event promises to be infused with beauty and spirit, delighting the ears and moving the heart.

The Festival will feature eighty singers from all around Australia and from other countries, who will gather for three days of intensive rehearsals to polish and perfect a repertoire of sacred music in multiple languages and in styles ranging from classical to jazz to gospel to contemporary. Singers range from experienced choristers to new recruits, united by a love for singing and a commitment to excellence.

Mass choir of eighty singers from around Australia and from other countries will be led by Lorraine Manifold, Director and assisted by guest conductors.

For more information for this FREE concert, visit www.bahaichoralfestival.org.au

Devotional & Traditional Music of Bali and China

Saturday 17 September 2pm - Sydney Conservatorium of Music

This concert brings together the two Asian ensembles of Sydney Conservatorium focusing  respectively on music from China and Bali. Addressing the theme of the festival, the transcendental program presents traditional pieces inspired by nature, the human condition, and music and dance specifically composed for the worship of the divine. The two ensembles are led by various Balinese and Chinese music specialists including Gary Watson (Bali), Lulu Liu and Dr Nicholas Ng (China).

TICKETS $35/$15
Music Workshop, Level 1
Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Balinese Gamelan Ensemble and Chinese Music Ensemble

Oceanic Rhythms (Sounds of the Pacific)

Saturday 17 September 7pm - Campbelltown Arts Centre

Campbelltown Arts Centre in association with the Sydney Sacred Music Festival invites you to Oceanic Rhythms, a sacred space of music, stories and dance from Oceania. A choir, drummers, dancers, vocalists and hip-hop artists take you on an island-styled, operatic, soul fused journey through the Pacific, sharing cultural gems and melodic rhythms of yesterday and today.

Pacific food and drink available for purchase from Kana Vata Events

Curated by MC Trey


Artists: 501 Band, Ballina Gee feat Le Poly Voce and Samoan SDA Choir, Fiji Youth Initiative (FYI) Meke Group, Pacifica Youth Group.

7pm-9pm Campbelltown Arts Centre



Sacred Patterns

various dates - Blacktown hospital and Nepean Hospital

Health and Arts Research Centre (HARC) presents Sacred Patterns. From the harmonics of music to the meditative designs of rangoli, Sacred Patterns celebrates the cosmology of life and healing.



Rangoli installation New Clincial Services Building, Blacktown Hospital, 2-18 September

Rangoli is an artform originating from India. Decorative patterns adorn the floor to celebrate auspicious occasions and festivals. Origami Master Yoshimi Lawler has been working with visitors, patients and staff of Blacktown Hospital to fold 1000 lotus flowers that will be transformed into a rangoli inspired by the Indian community from SydWest Multicultural Services. We invite you to view this exciting cross-cultural work during the Festival period.


Chorella Community Choir,  Saturday 10 September 2016

11am, South Entry Foyer, Nepean Hospital - 1pm, Community Gathering Space, New Clinical Services Building, Blacktown Hospital

Experience the divine voices of Chorella a cappella choir with a repertoire ranging from ancient to modern songs that are from both near and far.

Based in Richmond NSW, Chorella sing a wide variety of songs under the musical directorship of Anthony Linden Jones and have twice been winners of the Hawkesbury Eisteddfod. They have also performed at Jenolan Caves, Rodd Island, Sydney Opera House, ABC Sing Out, Blackheath Choir Festival and St Albans Music Festival. Their first CD of music is due for completion in late 2016.


Gai Bryant and Jeremy Sawkins – Community Gathering Space, New Clinical Services Building
Blacktown Hospital 12.30pm Saturday 17 September

“You know what music is? God’s little reminder that there’s something else besides us in this universe; harmonic connection between all living beings, every where, even the stars.” Robin Williams, August Rush (2007).

Gai Bryant

Gai Bryant

Gai Bryant (saxophone) and Jeremy Sawkins (guitar) will draw from traditional Korean folk music and jazz ballads to create a connection with you. The pieces feature beautiful melodic patterns and themes inspired by liberation and the human condition. Relax and share in a musical conversation that will change your mood and reduce your stress.

Gai has worked with Korean taegum maestro Won Hyang-Juan, acclaimed US composer Jim McNeely, Sandy Evans, Jackie Orzaczky, Lloyd Swanton, Don Burrows, Roger Frampton and others. Gai has toured with her own groups within Australia performing at major jazz venues and jazz festivals. Internationally she has toured to Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Sweden, Finland and Cuba performing with her own groups and as a guest instrumentalist.

During his career, Jeremy has had the opportunity to work with many other fine musicians including Bernie McGann, Paul McNamara, Jackie Orzaczky, Tony Buck, Don Burrows, Phil Wilson (USA), Indra Lesmana (Indonesia) and many more. He has also played in many groups over the years covering a wide variety of musical styles including ‘The Zips’; ‘What is Hip’; Monica Trapaga’s Continental Deli and Brazilian Spectacular. 

Sacred Patterns is brought to you in partnership with Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospitals (BMDH) Expansion Stage 2 Arts and Culture Program, Nepean Hospital Arts and Heritage Program and Sydwest Multicultural Services.

East meets West concert and discussion

Sunday 18 September 2pm - Sydney Olympic Park

Sandy Evans and Bobby Singh

Sandy Evans and Bobby Singh

Music is central to honouring the sacred in almost every culture and religion. This festival event acknowledges the pursuit of the sacred within music itself and how it reveals the truly humane and creative characteristics that allow us to celebrate life. Through music and dialogue the audience will experience how artists create from their deepest self a sacred space that invites others to share and enjoy a profound connection to life and each other.


Sarangan Sriranganathan: sitar, voice; 
Sandy Evans: saxophones; 
Bobby Singh: tabla; 
Steve Elphick: Double Bass; 
Andrew Dickeson: Drums; 
James Greening: Trombone


Ticket information: gregj@sgiaust.org.au 

Venue:  Soka Gakkai International Australia, 3 Parkview Drive Sydney Olympic Park