14 events across Sydney

1-16 September 2018


Ashfield, Mosman, Parramatta, Sydney CBD,

dee why, Newington Armory, Roselle, strathfield





for the first time:

Muqam Rak -Uyghur song cycle never played before in Australia

Octava Ensemble - Our first international act (Poland)

Inner West Hub - 4 nights of music and projections at Ashfield Town Hall

Building 20 - amazing musicians and video installation by Khaled Sabsabi


Stiff Gins sydney sacred music festival


Our opening event featuring the Stiff Gins, Uncle Max Harrison, Bahá’í Temple Choir and special guests: international 8-piece vocal group, OCTAVA Ensemble (Poland).

Muqam Rak Shohrat Tursun Sydney sacred music festival 2018

Muqam Rak

For the first time in Australia, the UNESCO-protected Uyghur song cycle, Muqam Rak will be heard in a transformative night of ancient culture and Sufi-influenced sacred music from the Silk Road.

kween G sydney sacred music festival 2018

Inner west Hub 

Sydney Sacred Music Festival and Inner West Council’s Edge Festival partner to present 4 days of sacred art and music. Hip-hop, world music fusion, projections, ceremonies and much more.

sacred china sydney sacred music festival

Sacred music of China

The 30-piece Sydney Conservatorium of Music’s Chinese Music Ensemble and the Chinese Choirs of Ashfield celebrate the sacredness of life and nature through traditional Chinese music and song. Warwick Tyrrell (conductor), Lulu Liu & Dr Nicholas Ng (artistic directors).

bhakti sydney sacred music festival

Bhakti: Art and Devotion


Bhakti: Art and Devotion is a journey through the sacred practices of Hindu devotion through music, dance and ceremony of South Indian heritage.  It is centred on Shiva, a primal deity and god of destruction, both formless and beautiful, fearsome and tranquil.  


baha'i sydney sacred music festival

Australian Bahá’í Choral concert

Refresh your soul in this devotional concert in the sacred surrounds of the spectacular Bahá’í House of Worship. 85 singers weave a tapestry of sound around passages from the world's religious scriptures.

damon amb sydney sacred music festival

Wondering Dervish

Photographer/artist Damon Amb will wander through Sydney capturing the sacred in our suburbs online and projected in various locations. 


the love of a mystic

Sydney’s leading Balkan artists present a new work showcasing  the journey of a mystic, through music dance, towards the love of the sacred. This performance unveils the hidden rituals of the Balkans with Martenitsa Choir, Dusha Balkana and Balkanski Bus.

Kim Cunio Stephanie dorwick sydney sacred music festival

The Psalms and beyond: Music & Words

From the Psalms Cycle in multiple languages and settings, to a magnificent tribute to Jal’al'uddin Rumi in words and song, this transcendental evening of music and words is inspired by the sacred traditions of Indigenous Australia, Sephardic Judaism, China, India, and Christian Plainchant.


Sandy Evans sydney sacred music festival

Building 20: Curated Silence

3 world-class performances come together to transform the inner state of the audience in the 3 decommissioned ammunition chambers of Building 20. 


devotional music of bali 2018


The Sydney Conservatorium of Music’s Balinese Gamelan Ensemble, led by Gary Watson and with special guest artists, Sisca Poeradiredja (jogéd dancer), Agung Putra (suling) and Oscar Smith (tingklik), 

woman's gathering: reflections on the sacred music festival

Woman's Gathering: reflections on the sacred

A cross-cultural exploration of female traditions and contemporary practice, featuring spoken word artist Sarah Salar, Maori vocalist Angela Paikea, sacred pop by Blue Mary, ‘sacred feminism’ by writer Dr Paula Abood, hip-hop artist Kween G, and Dalmatian Klapa by Josipa Draisma.

hidden gems sydney sacred music festival

Hidden Gems: The Éluósī

Come and discover the ‘inbetween’ Russian-Chinese community of Sydney in a celebration of music, food and film. ''...As I listen to the songs of the Eluosi people, [I came] to understand that the art of singing is one of the most crucial links which have connected the older generations of the Eluosi people to their homeland and language of their ancestors."

All you need is love sydney sacred music festival

All you Need is Love: Ukulele Picnic

Ukuleles, food and fun. What else do you need? Come and teach our newly arrived refugees a song and play in a 200 strong Uke performance. FREE picnic and performance. Bring your Uke!

gerrie mifsud.jpg

Gerrie Mifsud

Check out our amazing photographer, Gerrie Mifsud. This is her second year doing our 'official photoshoot' for the Festival.