Sydney World Music Chamber Orchestra

sweeping orchestral to sacred pop with dervish rhythms

Sunday 10 September - 5pm, the Joan Penrith

Sydney World Music Chamber Orchestra
The Sydney Sacred Music Festival and The Joan presents the Three Sides of Love and Death by the Sydney World Music Chamber Orchestra.

The Orchestra melds classical strings, dervish rhythms, Latin samba and intimate melodies to smash conservative music conventions and create a dynamic journey that changes the internal chemistry of the listener.

Take a transformative journey with the Sydney World Music Chamber Orchestra. 'Three Sides of Love and Death' explores the universal themes of unconditional love and rites of passage of the chamber musicians themselves! 

With music performed in diverse languages and ancient traditions to contemporary sacred pop fusions, this ensemble showcases an array of diverse talent. It includes traditions from Aboriginal Australia, Mongolia, East Turkistan, Vietnam, China, Persia (and more), this is a sacred Symphony for everybody!





Richard Petkovic
Richard is a music producer, song writer, facilitator and events producer. His work focuses on engaging, writing and recording with diverse communities to create new music and cultural events of significance.  Richard has studied contemporary music practices and explored music making with world and sacred music practitioners. 

He has recently: produced the Sydney Sacred Music Festival to celebrate diverse devotional music; Music Director for cross cultural drumming group ‘Nafas’ (Blacktown Arts Centre); Festival/Music Director for the ‘Grass Roots World Music Festival 2013’ (Syd West  Multicultural Services); Music Director for the ‘Fairfield Multicultural Choir’. As part of the tribal rock band ‘Blue Mary’, Richard received an Arts NSW Fellowship and released the ‘Common Ground’ CD and in 2017 he stablished a Record Label to create pathways for diverse musicians.

Bukhchuluun (Bukhu) Ganburged
Bukhu is a master student of the Music and Dance Conservatory of Ulaanbaatar. Bukhu performs the folk musics of Mongolia, while exploring the aural dimensions of sounds generated by traditional instruments and harmonic overtone vocal techniques. 

His music brings a contemporary take on the tradition of Mongolian bards of the middle ages and those of ancient times, acting as a national memory bank by working mythologies, historic figures and events into traditional verse form.

Bukhu combines virtuosic Morin Khurr(Horse Head Fiddle) and Khuumii(Harmonic Overtone Throat Singing) skills to transmit the harmony of Mongolian Shamanic culture through time and space. 

An accomplished composer of contemporary music in his own right, Bukhu’s songs incorporate elements of genres as diverse as Overtone Throat Singing, Harmonic Chant, Folk, Classical, Blues, Metal and more recently Electronic and Hip-Hop. 

He has played for audiences in France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Czech, Luxemburg, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Austria and Australia, with the Morin Khuur Ensemble, Khangal Quartet and Domog folk band.

Gambirra Illume
Gambirra is a performer, songwriter and exhibiting visual artist. Her music possesses a style that radiates humanity taking us from the cauldron of creation to the sounds of the contemporary world.

For her national shows and festivals, this gifted Yolngu artist brings together a dynamic & diverse multicultural family in song, ‘Gambirra Mob’ - An Enlivening Crew with an Innovative Sound. With her roots deep in Yolngu country of Australia's Arnhem Land. NSW based songstress is a close relation to other well known Yolngu artists i.e. Yothu Yindi and Gurrumul Yunupingu.

Gambirra's songs cross cultural barriers in their depth and significance. Together they bring a positive message of Unity & Love.

"A stand-out performer at the 2011/2012 Woodford Folk Festival featuring the Dreaming. Gambirra was not only a festival highlight on-stage but she also embraced new networks, colleagues and opportunities with absolute professionalism and generosity." Sam Cook - Director at The Dreaming. Australia's International Indigenous Festival.

Gambirra has also worked as a solo artist, using voice and language to perform at the Sydney Sacred Music Festival in 2011 and 2013 and often works with Blak Douglas on dijeridoo, and they opened Parramasala 2014.


 Image Gerrie Mifsud

Image Gerrie Mifsud