Documentary and concert

tony gorman no boundaries sacred music festival

Saturday 2 September 5pm Riverside Theatres Parramatta

Tony Gorman No Boundaries

Tony Gorman’s 45 year professional career as an ARIA award winning musician, composer and producer has made him one of Australia’s most respected artists. Shanni Dalton has documented his life journey from Australia’s most wanted jazz musician to his battle with MS. A 30 min documentary that tells Tony's story, experience and wisdom of life and music.

A live performance from Tony Gorman’s Monday Club will feature:

Tony Gorman (alto clarinet)

Boyd (contrabass clarinet)

Stephen Morley (horn)

Ben Samuels (bass clarinet)

Phillippa Murphy-Haste (bass clarinet)


The Monday Club grew from a chance meeting between Tony and Steve. A shared desire to explore sound was enough to start things moving - starting with long notes (to quote Tony - “is there anything they CAN'T do?”), it has quickly become something more. It's never been a conscious directing of events, but more an unfolding as the process deepens...

The sources of this music are varied, elusive and not easily named - the spaces between words, and thoughts; the subtle stirrings of shifting time; flashing inspiration, raging and at once subsiding; a sense of space becoming sound becoming space...

There are deep sonorities and ranging explorations, our vehicle the unique instrumentation and broad range of experience and inspiration within the group. Each time we play something is found, a collective space is arrived upon, and so the journey begins anew even as it continues.





Tony Gorman
Tony’s 46 year professional career as a saxophonist, clarinettist, composer and producer has made him one of the most respected musicians in Australia where he emigrated from Scotland in 1988.

A graduate of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Tony’s career as a performer has encompassed contemporary jazz and improvised music, rhythm and blues, rock and classical music (including performances with the Richard Hickox Orchestra, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and solo recitals).

 Tony is a gifted, skilled and experienced composer. He has been commissioned to write works for The Australian Art Orchestra, Ten Part Invention, Clarion Fracture Zone, GEST8, Bernie McGann, The Original Otto Orchestra, LustZone, MARA! and The Martenitsa Choir. He has written music for radio, film, theatre and dance productions.

Tony is co-leader of the acclaimed improvising ensemble GEST8. This exciting 8 piece band play many of Tony’s compositions and were featured at the Sydney Opera House at the inaugural JazzNow festival in 2004.

 Tony isco-leader and composer for the legendary Australian contemporary jazz group Clarion Fracture Zone.  With them he has toured all over Australia as well as to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Byelorussia, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, India, Canada, the USA and the UK.  Many of these tours have been assisted by the Australia Council.Tony is co-leader of the saxophone quartet The Original Otto Orchestra. He has performed with the folk/jazz fusion group MARA!, Michele Morgan’s Chelate Compound and The Australian Art Orchestra.

 In 1997 Tony’s performance career changed dramatically when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Since then he has been concentrating on composition and solo clarinet performances. In 2004 he released his first solo CD Songs Of Hope, featuring solo clarinet music. The CD has been very successful, being the number 1 bestseller at Birdland records in Sydney in 2004 AND 2005, an extraordinary achievement. Tony has performed Songs Of Hope at The CafeChurch Space, Glebe; The Bungendore Woodworks Gallery, The Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and The Bellingen Jazz Festival. He was the soloist in a performance of Songs of Hope at the Sydney Conservatorium with The Aark Ensemble.

 More recently, Tony has been enjoying performing on Alto Clarinet with his improvisatory ensemble Tony Gorman’s Monday Club. The ensemble released a double self-titled cd in 2012.

Tony has won many awards for his work including 3 ARIA Awards; Clarion Fracture Zone’s “Blue Shift” won the ARIA for the best jazz recording of 1990, and was voted by the critics as one of the top 10 albums in Cadence magazine in that year. Other ARIA winners were ‘Ruino Vino’ (MARA!) and Wanderlust (Mike Bukovsky).  ‘Sezoni’  (MARA! with the Martenitsa Choir) was released world-wide on RealWorld.

Shanni Dalton (Film Director)

Shanni Dalton started her career in London as a singer and actor, appearing in musicals such as 'Godspell' and 'Hair'. 

Moving to Sydney she continued working as a freelance singer and actor.

In 2005 she took post at the Sydney Conservatorium teaching Music Theory, Ear Training and Sight Singing, which she still enjoys.

Film has always been her passion and after doing courses at NIDA on screenwriting and directing, she moved on to producing original short films and music videos.

Counting herself as a long term friend of Tony Gorman's, she is pleased to present this short account of his life and music.. so far!