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SUNDAY 15 September


ashfield town hall



World-renowned artists come together in a new infusion of tradition and ritual. This world remière takes the audience on a non-stop journey through the mysteries and rhythms of life.

David Jones (jazz legend and meditation master) weaves a kaleidoscopic web of sound with drums, gongs and singing bowls, laying the foundation on which Arjunan Puveendran (Carnatic vocalist), Dr Kim Cunio (multi-instrumentalist composer) and Heather Lee (soprano) meet in a cosmic musical exchange. Inspired by Judeo-Christian, Islamic and Hindu influences, they are joined by Aurora Choralis (award-winning multilingual choir), Karifi (Ghanaian drumming ensemble) and Maddad (Sudanese Sufi choir) in a breathtaking finale.

In partnership with Inner West Council


12pm - Women’s Groove with Perla Aura

Interested in finding your inner rhythm? Want to try vocal meditation? Perla Aura has been living and breathing African drumming for the past 20 years. An advanced practitioner of sacred sound, her workshops help participants find a path to wellness through rhythm and song. 

Workshop facilitator: Perla Aura

1pm - South Asian Rhythms with Arj Puveendran

Learn the basics of Carnatic South Indian music. Make the rhythms with your hands and with your voice. No experience necessary—this workshop is dynamic and fun for everyone.

Workshop facilitator: Arjunan Puveendran

2pm - Rhythm Workshop with David Jones

Weaving Rhythmic Spells…

Explore rhythms that are dramatic, humorous, surprising and powerful.

You may use sticks, brushes, mallets, fingers, elbows, violin bow, dish-mops, toys, brooms and more, to create a universe of sounds, textures and rhythms that promise to take you through different cultures, ages, moods and styles.

Learn how to draw from all aspects of life and spirituality to create your own powerfully individual, articulate and imaginative style. Become totally relaxed in attitude of mind and body and experience a joyful spirit of play and emotional intensity.

Workshop facilitator: David Jones

In partnership with Inner West Council

INTERESTED IN 'universal rhythms'? 




David Jones

David plays drums incredibly, with an amazing fluid technique, a precise light touch, and a calm and peaceful manner that belies the strength and endurance that resides below the surface. He also plays other sound sources such as meditation bowls in his performance.

I must say he left the whole audience, including myself and all the other well known drummers in nothing less than a trance. When he was done, he received a well deserved standing ovation.
Michael Shrieve (original drummer for Santana)

...he has incredible facility and what is even more amazing is the unique way of interpreting classic drum licks from the great masters to make them his own.
Danny Seraphine (drummer for Chicago)

Kim Cunio

Dr Kim Cunio has studied with a number of Australia's finest musicians including Australian composer Nigel Butterly, conductor and producer Eric Clapham, and Jazz guitar legend Ike Isaacs. Kim is an accomplished researching composer and performer and was awarded an ABC Golden Manuscript Award in recognition of his work with traditional music. Kim can write in many mediums from full scoring for opera or music theatre, orchestra, traditional ensembles, or in modern contexts using sound design and samples. Kim has also provided music for many installations and outdoor events including working to picture and live visuals with large ensembles and choirs. Many of Kim’s commissions have a serious research component, where he combines anthropological work with transcription. Kim takes the position of being a participant observer in such work; and is part of an international push to preserve the dying art of Eastern Jewish (mizrachi) music. 

Kim’s music has been played around the world including performances at the Whitehouse, United Nations NGO’s, and festivals in a number of countries, and his list of commissioning organizations is significant, including the Olympics, The Art Gallery of NSW, The National Gallery of Victoria, The Melbourne International Arts Festival, The Foundation for Universal Sacred Music (USA), and many others. A number of Kim’s projects have been funded by the Australia Council for the Arts, and his touring has been funded by the Commonwealth Government. Kim is published by the ABC, records with New World Music and lectures in composition at the Australian National University. 

David Jones

David Jones