Womans gathering sydney sacred music festival richard petkovic

sunday 9 September 4pm Ashfield town Hall


A cross-cultural exploration of female traditions and contemporary practice, curated by artist and cultural producer,  Maria Mitar.

This gathering brings together woman from diverse cultural and faith backgrounds to celebrate their reflections on the sacred via music, poetry, singing, prayers, rituals and more.

Featuring spoken word artist Sarah Salar, Maori vocalist Angela Paikea, music performance by sacred pop group, Blue Mary; ‘sacred feminism’ by writer Dr Paula Abood, Afro Australian hip-hop by Kween G and Dalmatian Klapa by Josipa Draisma and Mara Knezevic.

An afternoon of cultural and spiritual exchange.

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Blue Mary and Maria Mitar (artist and event curator) – Sacred world pop music exploring and celebrating our sacred and spiritual identity. The music is inspired by conversations with women and reflections on daily life through a spiritual lens, aiming to uplift and inspire.

Dr Paula Abood
Writer and educator who has worked with diverse communities in capacity building projects for 28 years. She will write and perform new poetry on Sacred feminism, inspired by key female theologians forging their own spiritual practices, outside patriarchal religious rules/institutions.

Angela Paikea
Singer/weaver/artist performing Sacred Maori songs about nature, god and language. Her cultural heritage is from the Ngati Whatua (fatua) tribe –from the north island. She learnt her songs from her Marai – traditional meeting houses, passed down through generations.

Kween G
Afro-Australian FemCee renowned for potent content, Kween G delivers dynamic style as an MC, performer and Hip Hop artist.
Kween G makes music that excites, entertains, and enlightens her listeners – often described as “consciousness-raising”. Kween G makes music that excites, entertains, and enlightens her listeners – often described as “consciousness-raising”. Her performance will reflect the sacred in honouring our gifts, our greatness and the ones that came before us. Connection to ancestry is very important. This has been a journey for Kween G to incorporate these themes into her music. She is now starting to unpack her own spirituality identity through her music, exploring how we heal and are connected through this lens.

Sara Salar
Is an Arab-Australian spoken word poet, writer and campaigner for refugee rights and racial justice, who has spent the last decade working for human rights organisations in Australia and the Middle East. Sara’s first poetry collection, Wasting the Milk in the Summer, was released in August 2016 and explores themes of migration, identity and women. Her poems have also been published in numerous
anthologies including Bankstown Poetry collections, and Palestinian poetry anthology, A Blade of Grass (2017).

Josipa Draisma – 0405 514 674
Sisters Josipa Draisma and Mara Knezevic will be performing the Klapa,a multipart singing tradition of the southern Croatian regions of Dalmatia, traditionally performed as a four to 10 piece. The songs will explore the sacred theme of nature. The word klapa means "a group of friends" and traces its roots to littoral church singing.