Fundraiser and Launch Event - 28 July 2019
Camelot Lounge Marrickville

Now in its ninth year, the Sydney Sacred Music Festival brings diverse artists and cultures together to create new work, showcase hidden community treasures, and to present events in dynamic spaces.

Our annual fundraiser will give you a taste of what is in store for this year’s festival with a Ghanaian drumming ceremony by Karifi, Philip Glass-inspired compositions by the 7-piece ensemble SPIRAL, and the thunderous voices of the multilingual choir, Aurora Choralis. The night closes with the musicians coming together in a huge, unforgettable finale!

SPIRAL (Philip Glass-inspired compositions); Karifi (Ghanaian drumming ceremony)

Aurora Choralis (multi-genre, multi-lingual choral music); Ngọc-tuấn Hoàng (classical guitar)

Come and be moved by virtuosic performances of the rare, beautiful and astonishing music and colour from around the world, and our local suburbs!

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SSMF 2019, 7 - 22 September 2019

In The meantime, enjoy last year’s Festival below and beyond


celebration of diverse music, ceremony and art

1 - 16 September 2018


A Festival of the

unique, hidden and

the newly created



This is what Sydney looks like in September!


Featured Events

Muqam Rak - Uyghur Song Cycle

Muqam Rak - Uyghur Song Cycle

The Love of a Mystic

The Love of a Mystic

Building 20 - Curated Silence

Building 20 - Curated Silence


A celebration of diverse music, ceremony and art.

Now in its eighth year, the Festival continues to create new work, uncover the hidden treasures in our diverse communities, and create unique gatherings.

We have a massive first weekend of events with our Openings concert at Mosman Art Gallery featuring OCTAVA Ensemble from Poland, and for the first time ever in Australia, the Uyghur UNESCO-protected songcycle, Muqam Rak at Riverside Theatres.

This year, we have launched our first Hub location at Ashfield Town Hall. Thanks to the support of Inner West Council, there will be four days of events, starting with a free community celebration on Thursday 6 September.

On our last weekend, Building 20 - Curated Silence, will take you on a journey through three concrete chambers and into the world of  contemplation via jazz, Japan, cello and video installation.

As the world looks to divide, we come together to celebrate the diversity of our communities and the inclusiveness of the sacred.

Many thanks to our partners: Inner West Council, Mosman Art Gallery, Riverside Theatres Parramatta, Settlement Services International and Sydney Olympic Park Authority.

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Photography by Gerrie Mifsud



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Organisation behind SSMF

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